Off-Season Advice

The message to our players for the off-season is one we like to call the “RE-season.” The RE-season is a time for RE-juvenation, RE-invention, and RE-investment. With a variety of factors escalating our student-athlete’s stress levels, it is important that we provide counsel on how to maintain a healthy balance during the RE-season. Rejuvenating their mind and body is important to reduce the risk of burnout and overuse injuries. The road to that end is unique to every player on our team. We conduct end-of-the-year meetings to assess and advise our players accordingly. All of our players are recommended to rest minimally for two weeks following our 5-month season (which culminated in a CIF state championship…hooray!). With such a long season and high stakes, the emotional and physical drain to excel when can take its toll on our players. In turn, we encourage our athletes to play a Spring sport to cross train and steer clear of any gym workouts for the immediate future.

RE-invention represents a player’s aspirations of transforming their mind, body, and skill set. To improve their basketball IQ by watching game film to dissect their decision making processes from this past season. We highly recommend to our players to partake in the program’s strength and conditioning program designed to make their bodies stronger, enhance performance, and reduce the risk of injury. This also includes a steady diet of proper nutrition and adequate sleep. Additionally, we encourage our players to get back in the gym 2-3 times a week and improve on their skill set. Specifically, strive to have greater consistency in their execution and to expand their toolbox.

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Our notion of RE-investment requires a commitment mindset. To fully commit in terms of time and effort to both team related activities and individual work, even when it’s not personally convenient. Championships are built in the RE-season, NOT in March.