Defensive System for Success

In the videos, Sue Phillips’ Gold Medal Basketball System I have provided some key concepts to drill, reinforce, and build a championship system.  Described below are the critical components for defense that wins championships!

medal stand '17

The Three Keys for a Successful Defensive System

I. Capability to Adjust – Create a System with the capability to adjust by a Call or Substitution:

• Change schemes with same personnel

• Run same scheme with different personnel

II. Effective Variation – Building a System that incorporates varied looks and rotations:

• Player-to-player w/ varied looks (one pass away/on-ball def/switch screens/ show zone go player after “x” passes) ex: color schemes to designate changes – black = trap on balls deny one pass away; white = vertical hedge w/ over under & gap def one pass away; gold = switch everything; blue = ice the on-ball screen

• Scouting report colors based on personnel

• Special situations (e.g. Dianna Turausi or Maya Moore)

III. Player Investment – Running a System that players believe in and want to execute

• You are what you emphasize (opening drill in pract / reward benchmarks)

• Reward defense (charges, steals, deflections, d boards, 5 counts)

• Defense that creates offense (fun, fast & free)

A Definite Dozen for Defense:

  • The ball scores (vision on ball and player)
  • Contain the bounce (protection of the paint/hoop and contest)
  • No help on strong side penetration (weak side help / help the helper)
  • Help is at mid-line & comes from weak side (“pistols”)
  • 5 people on the D boards (first contact wins / make contact and push back)
  • Force baseline (foot positioning and foot race)
  • No ball reversal (w bounce or pass)
  • Disruptive ball pressure (dictate tempo and minimize options)
  • Communication (creates confidence & minimizes break downs)
  • Rotational awareness (help the helper / move on pass)
  • Know opposing personnel (cheat/anticipate the threat)
  • Know time, score & foul count (aggressively play fouls to give)