Basketball Conditioning Drills

In the gym, we design our conditioning activities to be done with a basketball. For each of those drills, we have established gold standards of “efficiency and time.” Standards should be adjusted for fitness and proficiency levels. Here are a few of our favorites: (1) “Elbow lay-ups” entails one player dribbling back and forth from the “elbow” to rim. Our gold standard is for one player to make six lay-ups in 30 seconds. (2) “Skip pass 3’s” are done with 6 players (3 players on opposite wings/baseline extended) and four basketballs. In succession, a player will throw a skip pass to a teammate and then receive a pass for a 3-point attempt. Players should follow their shot and go to the other side. Pattern repeats. 2.5 minutes with a goal mark of 50 3-point made baskets. Program record is 75 made 3’s in 2.5 minutes. (3) “Sidelines” is dribbling the ball from sideline-to-sideline 10 times (alternating the “touch-foot” on each line) in 39 seconds or less.

In the weight room, a fun and challenging conditioning workout is “5-by-50.” Please note that this routine is designed high school players with a solid strength training foundation. “5-by-50” is five different exercises of 50 reps per exercise. It’s executed with proper technique and players compete for time. It consists of: 50 box jumps (20-24”), 50 kettlebell swings, 50 knees-to-elbows (hanging from a bar), wall balls (14-20lbs), and 50 burpees. Happy planning and never miss a chance to incorporate conditioning.

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Monarchs strength training in the weight room to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.