What To Look For In a Player

When it comes to evaluating players, coachability is the first and foremost observation. Some view coachability as having a good attitude and working hard, but that’s the price of admission at the gym door. For us, coachability is a player’s capacity to quickly digest feedback and make the immediate correction. Without coachability, a player’s skill set will remain static. We believe that coachability is paramount to a player’s potential for development.

As for specific skills, we look for players who are equally capable with both hands in the areas of passing, ball handling, and varied rim finishes. We value a player’s ability to create separation off the bounce for an uncontested shot or to set-up a teammate for an open look. Shooting mechanics, footwork, and their ability to set-up and read screens are vital skills as well. We cherish players who exhibit stellar leadership skills that are evident in their communication, unselfish play (such as making the extra pass or setting a great screen), and holding teammates accountable to standards of excellence. We as a staff absolutely treasure lock-down defenders and rebounders. Rebounds are possessions and possessions/defense win ball games. In addition, a player’s innate talents such as exceptional length, noticeable quickness, and good hands are definite checks in the plus column. While coachability, skill, and talent is the bulk of the evaluation process, never ignore a player’s willingness and capability to fill a team role. Teams are most successful when each player clearly understands and buys into their role.

Amanda Lovely - Skilled, Talented & Coachable
Amanda Lovely – Skilled, Talented & Coachable