A Way to Positively Promote Turnover Reduction

Yes a turnover is a lost possession. And yes, some turnovers are more costly than others. But, what if we viewed turnovers (regardless of time and score) as different based on “type” of TO.  Suppose there were three categories: bad decision, wrong kind of pass, and timing error.  And suppose these categories were placed on a hierarchy of turnovers.  A bad decision turnover is at the bottom of the hierarchy, a wrong kind of pass is at the middle, and a timing error sits at the top of the hierarchy.

At the beginning of the season, the majority of turnovers can be attributed to bad decisions. This is a result of many factors such as poor conditioning level or lack of game experience. Allow your team to watch bad decision turnovers on film, and discuss alternative choices/options.

As the season progresses, decisions should improve.  Yet, there still may be turnovers where your players simply make the wrong kind of pass. So instead of being disappointed with the turnover, applaud the decision and provide the appropriate feedback. Perhaps a bounce pass would have successfully executed the play.

And finally, your goal late into the season is to only have timing error turnovers. Your team makes a great execution read, and the pass is just inches away from a back door assisted lay-up. Praise the decision AND the pass, then encourage them to get the next one. This provides a systematic way to positively promote turnover reduction.

Emily Dinger splits the double team for an advantage fast break
Emily Dinger splits the double team for an advantage fast break