Top 5 Reasons to Play and Develop your Reserves

1) By utilizing your team’s depth, it fosters confidence and team chemistry. Spreading out the minutes and sharing the basketball is always good for a player’s confidence and team morale.

2) By playing multiple roster combinations, it creates diversity in schemes making your team less predictable, and more difficult to prepare/scout.

3) By regularly playing 10-12 players deep, it reduces the effects of a major setback in your team’s efficiency or effectiveness as a result of foul trouble, disciplinary action, or injury.

4) Over the course of a season, making a habit of utilizing your team’s depth will reduce the risk of overuse injury or the ill effects of “dead leg.”

5) In regularly playing 10-12 players, it will make for more competitive practices and ultimately raise the consistency and level of your team’s play.

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A team is only as strong as the sum of its parts.